No government help for Selkirk flood victims

No government help for Selkirk flood victims | Insurance Business

No government help for Selkirk flood victims
Residents of Selkirk whose homes were flooded in last week’s thunderstorm won’t be seeing any government compensation, according to CBC News.

Much of the community was flooded when a “rogue storm cell” dropped at least 37 millimtres of rain last week. Selkirk Mayor Larry Johannson said the city sewer system simply couldn’t keep up with the downpour.

Many residents of the town are now finding that their home insurance doesn’t cover floods – and Johannson said the city has no money available to help, CBC News reported.

“We have a budget. We have to stick to our budget,” Johannson said. “…This is something that was completely out of our hands.”

A provincial spokesperson told CBC News that Manitoba hasn’t received a request for assistance from the city – but the province also lacks available funds to help.

The city has offered to pick up garbage from residents affected by the flood for free. But Selkirk resident Deanna Riley, who said her basement suffered about $10,000 in damage, told CBC News that wasn’t enough.

“It’s a little too late,” she said.

Shirley Sanderson, whose basement was also flooded, agreed.

“Like really, is that all the city is going to do?” she told CBC News. “Take our garbage away?”

Johannson told CBC News that more than 100 homeowners have reported that their basements were flooded in the storm.

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