The Co-operators welcomes new healthcare-based member organization

The Co-operators welcomes new healthcare-based member organization | Insurance Business Canada

The Co-operators welcomes new healthcare-based member organization

The Co-operators has welcomed a new member organization to its ranks.

Health Co-operatives Federation of Quebec (FQCS) is The Co-operators’ newest member organization and represents the health co-operative sector providing front-line, non-profit health services across the province.

FQCS has 80,000 members across 40 non-profit health co-operatives, who all take responsibility for responding to unmet healthcare needs in their respective local communities. These medical services are offered by 230 physicians, 115 nurses and dozens of health professionals – who together take care of more than 280,000 patients.

With the addition of FQCS, The Co-operators Group Limited is now governed by 46 member organizations, which include co-operatives, credit union centrals and representative farm organizations. FQCS is also the eighth co-operative organization in the Quebec area to join the financial services organization.

"We are guided by a diverse membership that reflects the co-operative sector in Canada and the people we serve," said The Co-operators chairperson of the board of directors John Harvie. "FQCS will bring valuable skills and perspectives to our governance, as a co-operative working in our communities to defend and protect the interests of all health cooperatives and the frontline workers they support."

"Our co-operative nature enables us to collaborate across sectors to enhance our ability to fulfil our mission of providing financial security for Canadians and our communities," commented The Co-operators president and CEO Rob Wesseling. "With FQCS, we now welcome a new set of insights and ideas that will add to our collective strength and enhance our ability to meet the diverse needs of our clients, members, and communities."