Families don’t have to face legal issues alone

Families don’t have to face legal issues alone | Insurance Business Canada

Families don’t have to face legal issues alone

At the start of 2019, new employment laws came into effect in several provinces, including Ontario, where changes ranged from a $1 hike in minimum wage to steep increases in employee’s entitlement to personal leave.

For some businesses, as well as their employees, keeping up with these reforms can be a challenge, which in turn underscores the importance of legal protection insurance for families, in case they run into employment issues. ARAG’s Family Legal Solutions protects families against disputes with their employers, disputes with vendors who sold them a good or a service, and defences during criminal prosecutions arising from their work as an employee.

However, families might also face disputes outside of the workplace. Common legal issues they can encounter include disputes with neighbours over property boundary lines, the pursuit of a negligent third party for compensation following physical bodily injury or the pursuit of a negligent third party, like a surgeon, for clinical negligence, as well as tax audits and appeals to the Canada Revenue Agency.

If an individual has to face a legal hurdle, they might find it difficult to bear the financial cost of doing so alone, especially if that hurdle results from an employment dispute involving termination.

“Most people rely on their employment income. If that income is cut off because of an unfair dismissal, we will pursue compensation action on our customer’s behalf against their former employer,” said Graham Martin, AVP of underwriting at ARAG, adding that the financial ramifications if a family pursues a legal issue on their own can be “severe for most people earning an average or less salary. For civil matters, the range of lawyer hourly rates will be around $250 to $400 in Ontario depending on experience and likely much more than that for lawyers working on criminal cases.”

ARAG’s Family Legal Solutions provide families with similarly broad protection against the cost of common legal disputes as commercial legal expense insurance products give to Canada’s businesses.

“In exchange for a modest premium, we take care of all of the above listed problems [and others] if litigation is required, and provide advice over the phone on any legal matter affecting the business or family,” said Martin.

Let us carry the burden, so you can live your life.