What to do when tensions between neighbours escalate

What to do when tensions between neighbours escalate | Insurance Business Canada

What to do when tensions between neighbours escalate

Most renters and homeowners hope to live next door to friendly neighbours with whom they get along. However, if a neighbourly relationship becomes complicated by any number of potential disputes, families would do well to have legal expense insurance in place to offset the financial burden of pursuing legal issues.

“Common types of neighbour disputes involve noise complaints, objections to building extensions and other renovations, and issues around boundary lines, fences, and trees,” said Graham Martin, AVP of underwriting at ARAG.

Yet, as court fees climb, some families might think twice before escalating an issue with their neighbour.

“Suing a neighbour may be a lengthy, stressful, and costly process, and many homeowners will be deterred from pursuing a legal solution at all due to the costs involved,” explained Martin.

ARAG’s Family Legal Solutions lends families and individuals a hand with a variety legal issues. These can include disputes with their employers or with vendors who sold them a good or a service, as well as dealing with personal tax audits or defending a prosecution that arises from a road traffic or work-related offence – not to mention, disputes with neighbours.

“Legal expense insurance helps families navigate legal issues with neighbours by providing them with a lawyer to represent them in a dispute with their neighbour, if litigation is necessary,” said Martin.

Meanwhile, the 24/7 helpline that ARAG offers with its Family Legal Solutions is an added benefit for policyholders.

“We would connect our insured with a lawyer proficient in this area of law. The lawyer will explain the insured’s legal rights and the steps they could take to tackle the problem,” said Martin.

The foundational tenant of ARAG is that every citizen has fair and affordable access to the legal system, no matter their financial standing. Brokers can lead the charge of building awareness with their clients so that families can benefit from ARAG’s legal expense offerings.

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