Insurer claims falling ice is an “act of God”

Insurer claims falling ice is an “act of God” | Insurance Business

Insurer claims falling ice is an “act of God”
When ice fell off the Calgary Catholic District School Board’s downtown building and on to a man’s parked car, the incident was an “act of God” according to Traveller’s Insurance, which insures the board.

In February, Tyler Tailby was at the building for an appointment and had parked next to it.

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He returned to find the hood of his vehicle significantly dented above the wheel.

Tailby said he told the building manager, who came out and took pictures of the scene, that there were no signs warning of falling ice.

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The bill to fix Tailby’s car is $2,500.

The auto insurance provider for Tailby, Wawanesa, said proving the Calgary Catholic District School Board did anything wrong is unlikely.

The school board now has signs warning of falling ice around its buildings, and denies negligence.

Though Tailby was warned prior to parking about the falling ice, he believed that because it was an ongoing issue, Travellers should have to pay.  

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  • Comm. Broker 2017-03-20 2:38:22 PM
    IMO - this tells me that as a new young and learning broker, that the whatever accumulates on a properties building and falls off and damages others property; is not the property owners negligence and that the property owner did not have any duty owed to clear any debris from their roof that could potentially be hazardous to others that they owe a duty of care to.... are you serious?? What am I missing? IMO there's a total lack of fundamental "Insurance 101" here?? Where's the caution signage, where's the custodian to knock down ice debris, hire a roof clearing company - doesn't seem like rocket science? But you never know, because it's the Catholic School Board perhaps it was an Act of God!...(some lite Monday morning humor folk's,it's helping me get through this head-shaking article!).
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