• Home-grown talent

    13 Apr 2021

    She's spent her entire career at Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company, but president and CEO Shelley Willick is hardly coasting

  • Putting people first

    16 Feb 2021

    President and CEO Jean-François Chalifoux tells IBC how the combined entity will benefit Canadian brokers and their clients

  • Sign of the times

    24 Nov 2020

    Karim Chandani, HUB International's vice-president of hospitality, chats with IBC about the impact of COVID-19, and why captives could be key for the hospitality industry

  • Building resilience

    24 Nov 2020

    Monica Ningen, president and CEO of Swiss Re's Canadian operations, chats with IBC about handling global crises and what she's learned about the importance of resilience

  • Filling a gap

    29 Sep 2020

    Joshua Krenus, president and CEO of Alteri Insurance Brokers, tells IBC about his journey to open a life-insurance-only brokerage, how he's grown business during the pandemic and why competing with the big brokerages can be a very good thing

  • Fighting for empowerment

    29 Sep 2020

    From law enforcement to insurance CEO, Armour Insurance Brokers' Sukhdeep Kang has always been driven by a passion for justice

  • Prioritizing innovation

    4 Aug 2020

    Susan Gilbert and Brian Gilbert, COO and CEO of MIG Insurance, discuss the evolution of their business, their digital approach and what it really means to put the customer first

  • Looking to the future

    4 Aug 2020

    Lloyd's Canada president Marc Lipman shares his ambitious plans for driving innovation in the historic insurance marketplace