Insurer demonstrates the devastation of fire

It’s a shocking and dramatic depiction of what can happen to a client’s home in a matter of minutes – but also how it can be prevented

Insurer demonstrates the devastation of fire

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Johnson Insurance, a home and auto insurance provider that operates throughout Canada, wanted to draw awareness to the fact that half of all home fire deaths occur between the hours of 11pm and 7am. So it decided to simulate a home fire, from beginning stages of a flame to total home destruction, for live audiences at Halifax’s Nocturne, the cultural equivalent of Nuit Blanche.
The simulation was conducted through 3D projection mapping, which provided a realistic experience of the house being destructed, then completely rebuilt, in less than four minutes. Fire trucks and firefighters were also on hand to add another dimension of credibility to the undertaking.
Johnson Insurance felt that this safety campaign is a mandate since 74% of fire losses occur in either one or two family dwellings – the exact type of home that makes up much of its client base.
“You couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t – even though you knew it was virtual reality, you couldn’t distinguish between what was projected and what was built on site,” said Joann Fitzgerald, head of marketing, Atlantic region, Johnson Insurance. “It was a really innovative way to get our message across.”
While Fitzgerald brokers should routinely engage in risk management dialogue with their clients, fire prevention techniques are an especially pertinent point of discussion at the start of the winter season.
“Going into the holiday season, when there are so many more opportunities with lights and trees and other fire hazards, these are things we should be talking about on a daily basis,” she said.
She also recommends that brokers ensure that their homeowner clients maintain enough coverage that they can rebuild a home if a worst case scenario ever arises.
The projection, which was intentionally delivered in a non-traditional way in order to have a more powerful impact, can be viewed here.

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