Shkya Ghanbarian, Eddy Solutions

Shkya Ghanbarian, Eddy Solutions

Director of insurtech and channel partners
Eddy Solutions

A generalist who is passionate about learning, Shkya Ghanbarian’s career has spanned sales, training, customer service and business development. She joined Eddy Solutions at its inception in 2014 and has helped it establish a presence in the insurance industry as an Internet of Things (IoT) supplier.

“During that time, we have learned so much about the industry, about overall risk management and how technology helps protect people and property,” she says. “I have been proud to share this knowledge with so many Canadian insurance brokers through our accredited training and through speaking at many conferences in North America.”

Looking ahead, Ghanbarian says she expects to see the appetite for IoT connection continue to increase as more carriers lead the way toward greater consumer adoption. “We have much work to do with consumer understanding of the importance of technology as tools of protection,” she says. “Like with long-adopted risk mitigation instruments such as smoke detectors, insurance sets the overall stage for mass adoption.”

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