Senior account executive
Rogers Insurance

What started as a temporary job has turned into an over four-decade career for Wendy Wildeman – and it is clear that she made the right choice. Now a second-time Elite Broker, Wildeman today serves as senior account executive at Rogers Insurance, where she specializes in real estate and construction insurance.

In an industry that is constantly evolving, the learning never stops for Wildeman. A “life-long learner” she acknowledges how she has been fortunate to work with some remarkable people throughout her career – both as associates and as mentors.

Wildeman says that having the opportunity to work with a variety of people – from clients, co-workers, underwriters and more – has been the most rewarding aspect of her career. Her advice to brokers who are looking to grow their business: “Ask questions, learn all you can about your clients and their business so you can provide solid risk management solutions.”

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  • Rogers Insurance
  • Alberta

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