Sheri Walters, AON

Sheri Walters, AON

Vice-president and broker

Sheri Walters joined the commercial insurance industry in 1996 and has since worked for an insurer, a small brokerage and large global broking firm, Aon, where she has spent most of her career. She is currently a senior broker with Aon’s national centre of excellence for the public sector, specializing in property & casualty insurance, and has a keen interest in risk management, reciprocals, auto insurance and owner-controlled construction insurance programs.

Walters’ prior experience as an account executive, broker and small business leader gives her depth of knowledge into many industry segments and sizes, allowing her to help clients with everything from transitioning through market changes to adapting to technological revolutions.

“The most challenging and rewarding part of my work is keeping up with emerging risks,” she says. “We need to develop solutions for new known risks, plus be ready for the unknown. It is unsettling, but it also creates opportunities for innovation."

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