Mike Gerber, Monarch Insurance Brokers

Mike Gerber, Monarch Insurance Brokers

Vice-president and broker

In 2005, Mike Gerber had just been accepted into the astrophysics program at the University of Alberta – but before he began his studies, his aunt, a vice-president at Great-West Life, informed him that she had just hired several students out of the same program. “I figured if I was going to end up in insurance anyway, I might as well pursue insurance instead,” Gerber says.

After completing his studies at Grant MacEwan University, Gerber worked for five years at The Co-operators Group in Edmonton before moving to the brokerage side at Monarch Insurance Services, where he focuses on cultivating relationships with compliance managers, suppliers, financing agents and dealerships in the trucking industry.

“Navigating the evolving regulations and needs of the trucking and insurance industry is a big challenge,” Gerber says. “The reward is finding the solution to tie these two together.”

In 2019, Gerber’s hard work paid off when Monarch made him a managing partner. The secret to his success? “Relationships,” he says. “It’s about who you know, but you don’t have to know them today – reach out and make those connections.”