Janet Stein, Director, risk management and insurance, University Of Calgary

Janet Stein, Director, risk management and insurance, University Of Calgary


As director of the risk management and insurance division of the University of Calgary, Janet Stein is responsible for overseeing the facilitation and coordination of risk management practices for the University community. The division performs key risk management services for the university, including conducting assessments to identify potential risks and hazards within and linked to the institution, developing best practices in loss prevention, control and financing, arranging insurance covers and managing claims, providing emergency response support, and developing awareness and education through regular interaction with the campus community. One example is a Safety and Wellness Week – now on its third consecutive year – during which

Stein spoke about the aftermath of the ransomware attack the university faced in 2016 and the knowledge gained from the experience, on practising cyber safety. Stein was responsible for the creation of the first master emergency response plan and the development of one of the first university risk management websites in Canada. She was also part of a provincial committee that created guidelines for students working in healthcare facilities during the H1N1 pandemic. For her efforts, she received the 2013 Donald M. Stuart Award from the Ontario chapter of RIMS for her accomplishments in risk management. Stein has been a member of SARIMS and RIMS since 1996, and is a board member of the Canadian Universities Reciprocal Insurance Exchange (CURIE).

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