Founder and CEO
Ontario Age: 34
Years in insurance: 6

To launch Zensurance, a technology company that focuses on SMEs in the brokerage space, Danish Yusuf and his partners raised venture capital, hired a team of six and solicited the support of three insurance companies to support their vision. In just a few short months, the company has already helped hundreds of customers with their insurance needs, including sub-brokered policies across Canada and in the US.

In describing his typical workweek, Yusuf reveals his passion for the intersection of insurance and technology. “I love being able to take a problem we identify on Monday, designing a solution on Tuesday, building the solution on Wednesday/Thursday and then launching it live by Friday,” he says.

This exceptional efficiency and focus on technology has earned Yusuf's company several accolades. Zensurance was named PayPal’s hottest and most promising Canadian fintech company, was the winner of Bank of Montreal’s Next Big Idea in Fintech event, and was one of Canadian Innovation Exchange’s top 20 most innovative companies in Canada.

Company Information

  • Zensurance
  • Suite 600, 10 Dundas Street East Toronto, Ontario

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