Adam Thomson, Account executive, Toole Peet & Co.

Adam Thomson, Account executive, Toole Peet & Co.

Account executive
Toole Peet & Co.

Age: 32

At Toole Peet & Co., Adam Thomson has been a leader in building and implementing online commercial programs and applications for individual, provincial and national groups, including a recent online program for a mall development in which the firm was able to obtain the majority of the market share of the building in just over eight weeks. Thomson was also responsible for expanding and marketing Toole Peet & Co.’s existing real estate program, RealProSure, in British Columbia and New Brunswick. 

“I'm continually looking for different ways we can change the insurance-buying experience for our clients,” Thomson says. “I feel the market and public are ready for different, non-traditional processes, as well as refreshing ways of looking at insurance all together. This is an exciting time for insurance, as it seems we’re on the verge of distributors entering the marketplace. I’m a big believer that there are always opportunities – it’s just knowing how to recognize and seize them.”


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