Mike Gerber, Insurance broker, Monarch Insurance Brokers

Mike Gerber, Insurance broker, Monarch Insurance Brokers

Insurance broker
Monarch Insurance Brokers

Age: 32

During his 12-year career in insurance, Mike Gerber has built an insurance book from scratch and now produces millions in premium each year. In the last year alone, Gerber grew his book by $6 million in organic new premium. He also developed reciprocal relationships with many independent safety and compliance companies to ensure clients are being taken care of beyond insurance.

“Everything starts with good communication,” he says. “Communication, regardless of the medium, is a ‘decompression algorithm’ – in other words, we need to take a complex thought that needs to be compressed into a few words for the receiving party to be able to ‘decompress’ that message and have it still carry the same relative meaning. In insurance, we deal with complex matters, and it is important that what we are telling our clients is concise. We are compressing a large policy wording into an everyday conversation about their needs and adding our insight. What we do to help our insureds better understand their risks and protect them by transferring risk each day is phenomenal and rewarding.”


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