Traci Allen, Branch manager, Western Financial Group

Traci Allen, Branch manager, Western Financial Group

Branch manager
Western Financial Group

Age: 34

Traci Allen joined the insurance industry in 2005 as a PL processor with Falkins Insurance Group; over the past decade and a half, she has ascended through the ranks to her current role as branch manager. At Falkins, which was acquired by Western Financial Group in 2014, Allen created a rating tool for the personal lines program to rate policies quickly and efficiently, which resulted in her receiving a Business Efficiency Award in 2006. “I am proud that this tool is still working and is still being used today,” she says.

In 2016, Allen was nominated by peers to represent her region on a newly formed branch manager council for Western Financial Group. The same year, she took over the management of a neighbouring branch in addition to her own, mentoring the assistant manager to later take over the branch.

Through fundraising efforts at her branch and with the help of the Western Communities Foundation, Allen and her team have donated more than $28,000 over the past five year years to grants, charities and community initiatives.

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