RKH Specialty : Everything you need to know

About RKH Specialty

RKH Specialty is part of the Hyperion Insurance Group, a global insurance intermediary group. It delivers insurance and reinsurance solutions to financial institutions and government organisations in 130 territories across the world.

RKH Specialty focuses on property, casualty, energy, transportation, financial risks, binders & facilities, and construction.

Its property products provide coverage for North American property, international property, public entity & infrastructure, and terrorism & political violence. Its casualty products include international casualty; North American casualty; product recall; accident & health; contingency; cyber; and healthcare, life sciences, & clinical trials. Meanwhile, the company’s energy products focus on power & renewables, energy liabilities, and natural resources.

RKH Specialty’s transportation segment focuses on cargo & stock throughput, marine, and aviation. Its financial risk products offer coverage for political risks & structured credit, trade credit, surety, financial institutions, and executive & professional risks.

The company’s binders and facilities division offers sophisticated data and analytics to enhance a broker’s ability to match clients and portfolios to markets.

Meanwhile, its construction division offers construction or engineering projects with products designed specifically for the complexities of planning, installation, construction, erection, and operational phases of a building. Its typical coverage includes road and rail, bridges and tunnels, power generation, transmission, distribution lines, oil, gas, petrochemicals, industrial and process risks, building construction, natural resource mining and processing, and annual contractor programmes.

History of RKH Specialty

RKH was founded in 2010 to provide insurance and reinsurance solutions to various markets in the UK. Over the years, it extended its services to major world markets, including Bermuda, Dubai, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Singapore, and the USA. Each office works as part of a united, expert team to support insurers, reinsurers, corporations, financial institutions, and government organisations.

In 2015, RKH and Hyperion established RKH Specialty following the completion of their merger. RKH Specialty aims to promote the international specialty lines expertise of Howden and RKH while improving their products and services.

In 2019, the Hyperion Group merged RKH Specialty and Howden, which became its independent, international specialty business offering a unique proposition to its broker partners in the USA.

Leadership at RKH Specialty

Andy Bragoli – CEO

Bragoli joined RKH Specialty in 2015 as the managing director for property and casualty. He was appointed as the company’s deputy chief executive officer in 2018 and chief executive officer in 2019.

Bragoli has more than 30 years of industry experience, having served senior roles throughout his career. Before joining RKH Specialty, he spent over 18 years at Howden Insurance Brokers as the managing director for wholesale and reinsurance and group broking director. He also previously served as the director of Nelson Hurst and Marsh Ltd from 1989 to 1997.

Culture at RKH Specialty

RKH Specialty ensures that its business dealings comply with relevant laws, including the prevention of slavery and human trafficking. It also implements and promotes ethical business practices to protect its people and supply chain employees from being used and exploited.

The company also implements several policies to prevent slavery and human trafficking within its business:

  • Whistleblowing: RKH Specialty encourages its people, customers, and business partners to report any concerns related to slavery or human trafficking. It has an incident report link on its website with a process designed to make it easier for workers to make disclosures without fear of retaliation.
  • Recruitment and selection: RKH Specialty ensures that employees are protected by employment legislation, including checking right-to-work documents, visas, and passports. It also only works with reputable employment agencies to source labour.
  • Worldwide employee engagement survey: RKH Specialty conducts an annual employee survey to gather anonymous feedback from its people on their experience in the company, including workplace conditions, compensation, training, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and workload.

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