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    A software company leader talks to Insurance Business about using technology to ensure customers don’t look elsewhere for their insurance needs

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    The industry’s chief education provider has launched an initiative it hopes will heighten jobseeker awareness of the exciting careers insurance can offer

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    Experts discuss with Insurance Business the need for contaminated product insurance and strategies to prevent recall incidents becoming major crises

  • Simplifying SME Insurance

    SURA Commercial’s national manager, Ian Faragher, talks about building new policies to make life easier for SME customers, brokers and underwriters

  • More forward thinking

    What's essential practice for brokers sourcing insurance for freight forwarders? Insurance Business talks to a broker and insurer about their successful partnership

  • Creating a customer delight culture

    In an incredibly competitive business landscape, it is vital that you keep customers not just satisfied but delighted! In an extract from his book From Deadwood to Diamonds, Stefan Kazakis reveals how to wow customers – and keep them for years to come

  • Impact of autonomous vehicle downplayed: survey

    An auditing firm surveying insurer executives finds many have not adjusted their business models to prepare for the disruption.

  • Insurer launches landmark disaster tool

    An insurer heavyweight has announced the launch of a global disaster risk management tool as part of an international project.

  • Too much hassle when professing their profession leaves brokers lying

    Industry professionals discuss reasons for and against being honest about what they do for a living when meeting someone new.

  • Five Minutes With... Mark Gregan, Managing Director, Gregan & Co

    Mark Gregan, founding shareholder and managing director of Gregan & Co, talks about making insurance sexy, cooking like Nigella Lawson and the appeal of mowing lawns.