Broker: why I’m back after retirement

Broker: why I’m back after retirement | Insurance Business New Zealand

Broker: why I’m back after retirement
Threefold broker Tim Crawley recently chatted with Insurance Business about why, after his retirement in early 2016, he wanted to continue to be involved in the industry.

Originally from the UK, Crawley moved to New Zealand in 1976. Now, he works with Threefold and helps Northland residents with insurance, home loans and KiwiSaver requirements.

During his days off, the Kerikeri-based broker enjoys golfing and gardening. In this Q&A, Crawley talks about his 25 years of being in the industry and what he’d do if he was prime minister for a day.

IB: Who or what has inspired you to become a broker?
Tim Crawley: I work as a sub-broker through Threefold Brokers Ltd. When I retired from Medical Assurance Society (MAS) in March 2016, I wanted to continue to be involved in the market to keep in touch and to keep my brain active.

IB: How would you sum up brokers in three words?
TC: Providers of options.

IB: What do you see as the biggest opportunity for brokers in 2018?
TC: Talking to people to ensure they have the right insurance options to suit their needs.

IB: Why do you like being a financial adviser (assuming you like it)?
TC: I enjoy discussing with people what their needs are and trying to find a solution for them.

IB: What was your most memorable client experience?
TC: I helped a client get his life and income insurance sorted out. It was a significant amount of cover, and he took ages to get the forms and medicals completed, but we got there in the end. Unfortunately, sometime later he got cancer and died. Whilst this is very sad, I was happy that my efforts to get his cover completed in some way helped his family through that difficult time.

IB: Do you think New Zealanders are underinsured?
TC: Yes!

IB: Does the industry need more regulation?
TC: Only adjustments to existing rules… I think with the current rules and ongoing education the industry has improved.

IB: Outside the broking business, what else do you enjoy doing (aside from golf and gardening)?
TC: I help my wife run her licenced conveyancing business by doing all the accounting functions needed. But I prefer to be on the golf course!

IB: If you were prime minister for one day, what would you do?
TC: The only way to beat poverty (which is questionable in NZ) is to ensure people get an education. If they don't have an education they will always be at the bottom of the pile with no scope to improve themselves. It doesn’t have to be university education, but there are many trade skills that can help improve people.

IB: If you could have dinner with any three people (dead or alive, excluding family or friends), who would you invite and why?
TC: Winston Churchill – he was one of the greatest inspirational speakers there has been.
Steve Hansen – as he must be one of the best motivators there is.
Don Bradman – as he is the best batsman in history.

IB: Complete this sentence: If I wasn’t in insurance broking, I would be…
TC: A farmer – not livestock, but growing crops and experimenting with new types to see what grows best.

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