Business Strategy

  • How to ensure your business has the right meeting rhythm

    The key to great management, whether your staff are local or overseas, virtual or in your workplace, is regular communication and a good meeting rhythm

  • How to create adaptive leaders

    Leadership, context, and change are inseparable. As the context changes, so, too, does leadership

  • How leaders can create a culture where innovation thrives

    Does your company have a culture in which innovation thrives?

  • A generation set up for failure?

    Much like millennials have changed the way we work, soon they will change the way we lead. However, Hiam Sakakini suggests the old leadership development models will not work for this generation

  • Why branding strategies fail

    Far too often a company’s shiny new branding strategy fails to live up to hopes and expectations. Jean-Luc Ambrosi explains the common reasons for failure, and what companies can do to get their branding strategies right

  • You don’t have to be a transformational leader

    You can’t scroll through a leadership blog without coming across the term ‘transformational’. But is that kind of management all it’s cracked up to be?

  • Why culture is key

    In today’s M&A-heavy insurance industry, culture is a crucial element of smooth acquisitions, writes Jay Brown

  • Excelling as a woman in business

    Being a woman in business still brings with it a particular set of challenges, but there are some easily implemented, practical solutions, writes management specialist Karen Gately

  • The next generation of leaders

    As many industry leaders near retirement age, it’s crucial for insurance companies to attract fresh talent. But is the industry doing enough?

  • Blending generations

    As one generation retires from the industry, a quality transition is the key to professional survival, writes Scott Rogers