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Insurance Business | 17 Apr 2018, 06:14 a.m. Agree 0
"We’ve had enough," quake claimant says
  • 2sidestoeverystory | 17 Apr 2018, 08:53 a.m. Agree 0
    Let me start by saying I know zero detail in regard to this claim apart from what I have seen or heard in the media. What is disturbing to me is the lack of balance in the articles reported including this story in our own industry publication.
    Let me explain this comments. If you read the article above you will see that they commenced legal proceedings and had a court date fixed for their hearing. Prior to this a further (and lower) offer was made by SR to settle the claim. If this was not acceptable, and obviously it wasn't why did they not continue with the legal proceedings and have the case heard by the court?
    Simple google searches also reveal that this is not the first time Mr Glasson has had issues with EQ claims. I suggest you review an article in the Christchurch Press dated 30/5/17 entitled Christchurch man's anti-insurance red car gets 'huge amount of support'.
    What I do know is that this was a huge event and domestic claim resolutions are well into the high 90%. The remaining claims are complex and often involve situations where homeowner expectations are greater than the reality of the damage.
    • Ann | 18 Apr 2018, 11:52 a.m. Agree 0
      It is my understanding that Mr Glasson is still heading to court eventually. His last court date was dismissed by the judge because it was in fact the insurer, Southern Response who had delayed filing important structural information to the court thus leaving Mr Glasson unable to answer his case in a 3 day turnaround time frame.So Mr Glasson is still proceeding to the next court date. Mr Glasson has had 17 damage assessments inspections, he has been offered two cash settlements yet Southern Response say they have not finished those assessments of the property after 7.7 years and won't settle.Four engineers have said the foundations need replacing, including one engineer previously employed by Southern Response and yet Southern Response have refused to accept that expertise.Mr Glasson was also spied upon by Southern Response. I am sure Mr Glasson has been in the paper before but that is not relevant to this topic is it?. I am equally certain that Mr Glasson knows full well and taken legal advice to achieve his policy entitlements so to imply that he has unrealistic expectations of those entitlements seems a shallow response. This man has had enough, he no longer is prepared to be delayed in getting his home reinstated. If EQC and all Insurers has assessed foundation damage to property from the outset then I would suggest EQC and Southern Response would not be facing millions of dollars for re repairs and decision implications by court on sold properties.
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