Vercoe Insurance Brokers Ltd

Vercoe Insurance Brokers Ltd

Each staff member is on a wage/salary, however we also have team targets for new business growth which means we have a monthly target to sell x amount of new business policies (there is a strict criteria of what is classed as new), and we have rewards each quarter if we meet the target. If we meet our overall target (x sales per month x12 months) then the reward is a trip away for all staff. We have been doing this every second financial year and so far have been to Queenstown, Waiheke Island, Sydney and the Gold Coast. We are currently in 3 months into the financial year.

Training and professional development
Management are very proactive at encouraging learning and professional development. We participate in numerous webinars run by IBANZ, along with each week before our staff meeting we have a 15 minute training which is on various industry relevant topics and taken by various staff in the office. We are also encouraged to do further study through IBANZ (or ANZIIF) of which we have an agreement that the company will pay, as long as the standard is achieved, and we also get a set amount of time per assignment/exam to take time out of the office for 'study leave'.

Career progression
This is something that is readily available, and encouraged for staff to voice where they would like to head. Management have at least yearly meetings (possibly more like 2-3 meetings including a performance review) to assess how each team member is doing in their role and ask for their goals and aspirations so that they can assist us in progressing in our career.

Diversity and inclusion
We have a diverse team from a wide range of backgrounds. We have people with rural/farming experience, some with commercial and big corporate knowledge, English speaking as well as bi-lingual (Sinhalese, Maori). Even though we have a diverse team, we all get a long really well and all work well together. Each day we all have morning tea and afternoon tea together, and the first Friday of each month we stop at 4pm for some social drinks. This is an opportunity to chat to everyone on a more personal level and not about work. I think everyone feels included as everyone is made to feel like an asset to the team.

Access to technology and resources
Vercoe Insurance are innovative and up to speed with the latest technology and developments, therefore as far as I am concerned we have great access to technology and resources.

For many years there has been a saying 'my door is always open', meaning that even if management look busy you can always interrupt to ask a question, which I believe by having the communication channel open that it eliminates errors in work, and encourages better working relationships and better sharing of knowledge. Management also involve all of us in the planning of the business and where it is headed, so we are all on the same page and can all help to achieve their business goals and aspirations. I think it helps that the team works well together.

Work-life balance
With both managers being busy mothers they understand how busy life can be, and how important it is to have a good work-life balance. Although we are all mostly on salary, there is no expectation that we must work more than normal work hours. Recently they have implemented even more flexibility, for example my husband is a farmer so for the period of a couple of weeks I am starting at 9.00am instead of 8.30am so I can help with feeding the baby goats in the morning before work, and I just take a slightly shorter lunch break (30mins as opposed to an hour). Both bosses love to travel, so that is something they encourage staff to do (as long as we return), and are very accommodating of staff taking 3-5 weeks annual leave at once.

Health and wellbeing
We are allocated an allowance of $100 per year to use for our health and well-being. Whether that be for a massage, eye examination, doctors visits, or purchasing vitamins etc. We also are allowed one day a year that we call a 'duvet day' which means that we can take a day off when we need a mental health day, or are feeling run down or just plain and simple need a day off - this is an extra day and not part of our sick leave allocation.

Reward and recognition
This depends on the different roles within the office, and is confidential information. However we have annual pay reviews, and at Christmas time we are always gifted a New World voucher as well as a gift, and sporadically throughout the year we may be given vouchers or a cash bonus for our efforts. However I am speaking from what I know, and other staff may have a different experience - its not something that is spoken about because we all feel valued.