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Defamation Insurance Products

Compare 77 products offered for Defamation Insurance from 34 companies including Ascent Underwriting, Custodian Insurance for Professionals, and Camberford Law plc.

Our Insurance Comparison Tool allows you to pick the policy that's right for you by comparing every plan offered by Canada's leading providers. At a loss? Our Frequently Asked Questions can explain Defamation coverage in greater detail.

Compare Defamation Insurance Policies

Products 21 to 30 of 77
Product name Max Coverage Min Premium Exclusions
Professional Indemnity - Estate Agents by Collegiate Underwriting Max Coverage GBP5M Min Premium N/A

more details
Insurance Brokers by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A
  • Lloyds brokers

more details
Technology by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium GBP300
  • eWallets
  • health information exchanges
  • medical billing companies
  • prepaid debit or credit card provider
  • trade execution software developers

more details
Professions by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage GBP25M Min Premium N/A
  • cleaning contractors
  • driving instructors
  • financial professionals (valuers, financial planners, para-planners, stockbrokers, mortgage brokers and debt collectors)
  • legal professionals (lawyers, legal advisors, bailiffs and notaries public)
  • seedsmen
  • tour operators
  • vets (bloodstock)

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Product Recall by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium GBP5K

more details
Offering of Securities Liability by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

more details
Medical Devices by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage GBP1M Min Premium N/A
  • contraceptives or products used for reproductive use
  • cosmetic devices
  • mesh

more details
Media by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

more details
Intellectual Property by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium N/A
  • certain types of software (including anti-virus and payment processing)
  • companies with a standard essential patent exposure
  • companies with a turnover of GBP / USD 1billion or more
  • large medical devices and pharmaceuticals
  • semi-conductors
  • telecoms and certain types of computer hardware
  • third party content hosting websites
  • volume consumer products

more details
Allied Health and Medical Professionals by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Defamation Insurance?

Insurance against Defamation covers any written or oral communication about an individual, organization or product that is false and/or harmful. Also known as a part of Personal Injury (PI) insurance, coverage for Defamation can provide financial protection for companies or individuals who need to pay for damage control regarding their reputation, public profile and credibility.

It can only take one article to completely destroy someone’s image. This is why insuring against defamation is important, as action needs to be taken quickly to be able to restore any potential misinformation or wronging.

Defamation can be categorized in two ways:

  • Libel, the publication of a false statement damaging to a person’s reputation
  • Slander, a false verbal statement damaging to a person’s reputation

In order to prove an act of defamation, the injured party must be able to prove the following:

  • The statement is false
  • The statement caused personal injury
  • The statement was communicated to a third party
  • The statement is not privileged

Who Needs Insurance Against Defamation?

Accusations of libel and slander can be very difficult to prove as well as having serious consequences. Acts of Defamation are usually made against the following:
  • A business or organization
  • A high-profile individual, like a politician or celebrity
  • A product or produce

Some acts of defamation may have more serious consequences than others.

For example, false accounts regarding the efficiency of a product are more easily disproved than an accusation of an historical criminal act. That said, if the publication of an erroneous statement can cause serious financial harm to a brand or the reputation of a company or individual, defamation coverage is essential.

What Does Insurance Defamation Cover?

Insurance for Defamation can provide coverage for the following:
  • Libel and slander
  • Reparation costs
  • Legal expenses
  • Medical expenses (in the case of shock or anguish)

As part of a Personal Injury or Excess Liability insurance policy, Defamation coverage can also include financial protection in case of the following:

  • False imprisonment
  • Wrongful eviction
  • Invasion of privacy
  • Malicious prosecution

Defamation Insurance not only covers reversing the situation but the costs involved in restoring the innocence of the injured party as well as any additional costs and expenses incurred afterwards as a consequence.

What Is Not Included In Insurance For Defamation?

Despite Defamation coverage being an add-on or extension to some insurance policies, there are some areas that may not always be covered.


As the insurance industry tries to catch up with technology, make sure that libellous statements published online are not excluded. The rise of social media has seen a wide range of libellous comments made that can be removed as quickly as they appeared. While there are specific insurance packages available for online slander but make sure that this is not a gap in coverage if specifically required.

Other excluded areas regarding acts of Defamation include:

  • A libellous or slanderous statement related to the same/owned business
  • An intentionally false comment or statement that defames someone else
  • Policies not in force at the time the comment was said or written

How Much Does Coverage Against Defamation Cost?

Each individual insurance policy will contain very carefully wording on whether and how Defamation is included as part of an extensive package.

The cost will either be included in the overall package or an amount calculated as extended cover taking into consideration the size of the company, the potential impact of a libellous act and an estimated loss that can afford to be covered.

Defamation coverage can be found as extensions or add-ons in the following coverage areas:

  • Professional Liability
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Business Interruption
  • Multimedia Liability
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Umbrella/Excess