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Public Liability Insurance Products

Compare 639 products offered for Public Liability Insurance from 98 companies including China Taiping Insurance (UK) Co Ltd, Advent Capital (Holdings) Ltd, and Newline Group.

Our Insurance Comparison Tool allows you to pick the correct policy by comparing every plan offered by Canada's leading providers. Stuck? Our Frequently Asked Questions can help you understand more about Public Liability coverage.

Compare Public Liability Insurance Policies

Products 31 to 40 of 639
Product name Max Coverage Min Premium Exclusions
Recruitment, Employment and Staffing by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

more details
Allied Health and Medical Professionals by CFC Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

more details
Cleaning Contractors and Support Services by Camberford Law plc Max Coverage GBP5M Min Premium N/A

more details
Cricket Club by Owzat Insure Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium N/A
  • change in temperature, colour, flavour, texture or finish
  • damage due to changes in the water table level, frost or by subsidence, ground heave or landslip
  • loss caused by a person lawfully on the premises
  • loss from any building incapable of being locked or any open space, yard or garden
  • subsidence, ground heave and landslip
  • wear and tear

more details
Professions TechGuard by AIG Max Coverage GBP70M Min Premium N/A
  • anti-trusts
  • mechanical breakdown of hardware
  • misdeeds
  • offshore activities
  • patents and trade secrets
  • product recall
  • product repairs
  • USA / Canada

more details
Event by Beazley Max Coverage GBP5M Min Premium GBP75

more details
International Healthcare by Beazley Max Coverage GBP25M Min Premium N/A
  • USA

more details
Faith and Community by Ecclesiastical Insurance Group Max Coverage GBP50K Min Premium N/A

more details
Pony and Riding Club by Kershaw Bloodstock Insurance Services Max Coverage GBP5M Min Premium N/A

more details
Farriers and Blacksmiths - Liability Combined by Kershaw Bloodstock Insurance Services Max Coverage GBP5M Min Premium N/A

more details


Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability insurance provides coverage against any costs from legal expenses or compensation that arises if a third party is either injured or has their property damaged while on someone’s business premises.


If an accident occurs on a premises that is uninsured then the compensation costs will have to come directly from the business. Public Liability insurance will cover those costs during the process of a claim.

Who Needs Public Liability Insurance?

All businesses run the risk of a compensation claim. It doesn’t matter what type of business it is as long as it is a premises frequented by any type of visitor. Business premises can include an office building, a home office or any other type of premises where business-related activities take place. If a member of the public (non-staff member) is visiting the premises then Public Liability insurance is recommended. Whether your visitor is a customer, client or delivery service, any accident or damage that occurs, no matter how minor, could result in a lawsuit.


Small businesses and sole traders are just as recommended to take out a Public Liability insurance policy as a larger firms so that any legal fees or damages can be covered easily without financially disrupting the business.


While Public Liability insurance is not a legal requirement, some companies or events may require business to have it before agreeing to do business with them.

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability insurance policies cover the business from any compensation claims made against it. If a visitor to the business premises suffers an accident or injury then Public Liability will cover any legal expenses if a lawsuit is taken out, any medical expenses as well as any damages awarded to pay. The same applies if a third party’s property is damaged while visiting a business. Public Liability insurance will also cover the costs of any repairs or replacements required.


Items such as computers, business equipment or tools are among the most common items that are accidentally damaged on business premises. The costs of replacing and repairing them can reach thousands, especially if they are essential to the working practices of the claimant.


If a claim is made because of negligence from the owner of the business premises then a fine may also have to be paid. This will also be covered by Public Liability insurance.

What Is Not Covered By Public Liability Insurance?

While Public Liability insurance policies are primarily concerned with damage to persons or property, there are several areas not generally covered by most Public Liability products:


  • damage to business property
  • damage to property whilst being worked on
  • bodily injury of person working for the business


Public Liability is aimed at covering claims made by people not working for the business. Commercial General Liability or Employers Liability insurance policies are more suitable for claims made by employees, business owners or other business personnel.

How Much Does Public Liability Insurance Cost?

Depending on the type of business will depend on the amount of coverage needed. Someone operating from a home-based business will need less coverage than a business with multiple locations. However the main areas that need to be considered when calculating coverage limits are:


  • type of trade or profession
  • business turnover
  • number of visitors to the business premises
  • how ‘public’ the premises is