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Product Liability Insurance Products

Compare 363 products offered for Product Liability Insurance from 83 companies including QBE Underwriting Ltd, GB Underwriting Ltd, and Intasure.

Our Insurance Comparison Tool allows you to pick the policy that's right for you by comparing every plan offered by Canada's leading providers. Need more info? Our Frequently Asked Questions can explain Product Liability cover in greater detail.

Compare Product Liability Insurance Policies

Products 41 to 50 of 363
Product name Max Coverage Min Premium Exclusions
Cosmetics by Markel UK Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium N/A

more details
Social Welfare by Markel UK Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium N/A
  • not 'conventional' schools and colleges

more details
Research and Development Companies by Markel UK Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium N/A

more details
Medical Device Manufacturers by Markel UK Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium N/A

more details
Professional Indemnity with Liability by Manchester Underwriting Management Ltd Max Coverage GBP5M Min Premium N/A

more details
Flooring Contractors by Camberford Law plc Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium N/A

more details
Security by Camberford Law plc Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

more details
Travel Office by Touchstone Underwriting Ltd Max Coverage GBP10M Min Premium GBP350
  • specific types of loss or damage (see specific policy wording)

more details
Non-Standard Trades by Focus Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

more details
Manufacturing Premises by Focus Max Coverage N/A Min Premium N/A

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Product Liability Insurance?

Product Liability insurance provides coverage for manufacturers or vendors in case of an incident of Property Damage or Bodily Injury caused by a product they have either made or sold. Faults in design, defects, damaged goods or tampered items can cause harm that violates their intended use. If a product is not deemed safe or fit for purpose then either the manufacturer or retailer is liable.


Product Liability insurance combines elements of Public Liability and Professional Liability to cover risks specific to the supply and purchasing of goods.

Who Is Product Liability Insurance For?

Product Liability insurance is designed for merchants and manufacturers who produce and sell commercial goods. As flaws can be identified in both the manufacturing stage as well as during transport and storage, it is important for manufacturers and merchants to be sufficiently covered in case they are liable for the actual damage. Those who could be liable include:


  • Designers
  • Manufacturers
  • Labellers
  • Suppliers
  • storage facilities
  • Retailers
  • Repairers
  • Importers

As identifying the cause of damage may be complicated, it is important that all processes are sufficiently covered from product design to point of sale.

What Does Product Liability Insurance Cover?

As Product Liability is concerned with claims relating to damage caused by the use of a product, areas covered include:


  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Legal expenses
  • Compensation costs

Common examples of Product Liability claims may be due to any of the following:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing flaws
  • Damage in transit
  • Faulty repair
  • Rebranding an existing product
  • Defective instructions
  • Imports from regions with different product safety specifications

What Is Not Included In Product Liability Insurance?

Product Liability is concerned with damage caused due to the faulty nature of a product. Extra expenses such as a Product Recall is available separately or as part of a comprehensive insurance program for businesses. Other general exclusions from Product Liability coverage include:


  • Recall, replacement or repair costs
  • Unsuitability or failure to perform
  • Loss or damage to property in the custody or control of the insured
  • Professional negligence
  • Gradually occurring pollution
  • Penalties, fines or punitive damages

How Much Does Product Liability Insurance Cost?

The cost of Product Liability insurance is based on the following:


  • Type of business
  • Location of the business
  • Value of the company
  • Type of product manufactured/sold
  • Claims history

While coverage limits will be determined on the type of goods manufactured as well as the type and size of the company, safety precautions will reduce the overall costs if the following are considered:

  • Implementing safety policies
  • Providing warnings of potential risks through proper use and dangers through improper use
  • Taking early ownership should safety concerns be found
  • Ensuring safety knowledge of products sold