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DAS UK : Everything you need to know

DAS UK: Everything you need to know
Founded: 1975
Employees: +750
Locations: Six (throughout the UK and Ireland)
Headquarters: Bristol, United Kingdom

As part of the international network of DAS companies that operate as part of the ERGO Insurance Group, the DAS UK Group has developed as one of the UK’s top specialist insurers. DAS UK operates multiple strands as an organisation including as a legal expenses insurance (LEI) company (DAS Insurance) and as a law firm (DAS Law).

DAS has operated in the area of LEI since 1926 and as demand for this specialist insurance increased due to the burgeoning popularity of foreign travel over the last century, DAS grew to supply this demand. DAS entered the UK market in 1975 as DAS UK, which was initially founded as a joint venture of D.A.S and Phoenix Assurance Co. with DAS acquiring full ownership of the company in 1989.

DAS UK was an early pioneer of LEI in the UK market, where this insurance had previously been illegal until the Criminal Law Act 1967 which repealed an old law aimed at preventing anyone from providing support for legal proceedings in which they were a third party.

The products of DAS UK
DAS Insurance provides a variety of products to both individuals and businesses in the areas of LEI. As the UK’s leading specialist legal expenses insurer, DAS UK provides cover to almost seven million customers and the company is widely acclaimed for its experience, scale and expansion portfolio of products and services.

Providing protection to millions of families and hundreds of thousands of businesses, DAS UK insures against unforeseen legal costs and offers both before-the-event and after-the-event products. DAS UK also prides itself on offering its expertise through several channels including a telephone advice service and assistance service.

Commercial legal expenses insurance – this type of policy is aimed at the LEI needs of SME businesses who have limited in-house legal expertise. This policy covers a variety of factors including employment disputes, compensation awards, legal defence, property protection and much more.

Personal legal expenses insurance – this type of policy covers an individual or a family on a range of issues including employer disputes, property let LEI, home emergency insurance and motor LEI.

DAS Law provides legal services aimed at the customer’s specific needs and offers an assurance of accessibility and transparency.

The values and vision of DAS UK
DAS UK is proud to operate under a strict values system and to provide an access-to-justice route for businesses and individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

“Our vision is simple, we will always strive to be ‘First for Justice’ for all our customers and business partners, and everything we do as a business embodies this goal,” it states.

DAS surmises its value system as the RIGHT values: Respect, Improve, Going the extra mile, Honesty and Think customer.

The latter of these values is especially important to DAS UK and underpins the key value proposition of this business. Both main facets, DAS Insurance and DAS Law, are dedicated to bringing clarity and accessibility to the world of LEI. DAS UK aims to do this through clear channels of communication, honesty and transparency and a commitment to creating accessible technical product guides and encouraging education and training of the client in clear and simple language.

Creating strong partnerships is another core staple of DAS UK’s value system and the organisation is continually looking for new ways to improve its products and expand the broad range of LEI products which it offers for brokers to market to their customers.

DAS UK’s 2018 awards recognition
Below are just some of the key awards which DAS UK has recently been awarded:

November 2018 - DAS UK Group wins Best Recruitment Team award
September 2018 - DAS UK Group wins Marketing/PR Team of the Year
June 2018 - DAS Adviser wins Customer Service Representative of the Year
November 2018 - European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards - Best Quality Management Team - Silver Award

Some of the key faces at DAS UK
Andrew Burke – CEO. With almost 30 years’ experience in the insurance and financial services industries, Burke is captain of the DAS UK ship and was appointed CEO in 2015. Surmising DAS UK Group’s ethos, Burke said: “When our customers find themselves in a dispute, DAS has a really key role to play in helping them get access to justice. For us that is a tremendous motivator – I can’t think of a more meaningful reason to come to work.”

David Swigciski – Director of client services. Swigciski has over 15 years’ experience in general insurance and was appointed director of client services in 2019.

Kate Banks – Group director of HR & legal services. Banks joined DAS UK in 2015 and currently oversees the leadership, development and recruitment of DAS personnel.

Thomas Biermann – Chief financial officer. Biermann joined DAS UK from its parent company ERGO and now oversees DAS UK’s financial performance.

DAS UK’s CSR programme
DAS UK is dedicated to a programme of ongoing corporate social responsibility and takes a multi-faceted approach in this area, developing its programme in a range of sectors including employees, customers, community and the environment.

As part of its commitment to reducing environmental impact DAS has pledged support to the principle of sustainable development and aims to achieve environmental best practice throughout its operations. By developing effective systems to monitor its environmental impact and setting targets for ERGO for continual improvement, DAS UK aims to lead by example and has established an active sustainability forum across its business.

In keeping with its commitment to keeping people at the heart of the business, DAS UK prioritises the health of its staff with its WellWise programme, which is aimed at helping them to lead a healthy lifestyle. DAS UK also provides accessible learning and development opportunities for its people.

Community spirit is also important to DAS UK and the business has an active Charity Forum to oversee regular donations to DAS UK’s chosen charities. In 2018, over £26,800 was raised by DAS UK and further community commitment has been shown by employees through involvement in a range of community-focused team building activities that take place throughout the year.

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