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Employee benefits platform joins Stubben Edge's AR network

Employee benefits platform joins Stubben Edge's AR network | Insurance Business UK

Employee benefits platform joins Stubben Edge's AR network

Stubben Edge has welcomed employee benefits platform Ben as the newest addition to its Appointed Representative (AR) network – a group of complementary organisations connected with a mission to provide outstanding financial and insurance services.

Ben enables human resources departments to provide flexible perks and benefits for their workers that are easily accessible in one centralised platform. Employees can also choose their preferred benefits and spend any leftover allowance as they choose.

Being part of Stubben Edge’s AR network gives Ben access to various forms of support, including risk, compliance, capacity and access to a range of competitive new insurance products.

“We're delighted to be joining forces with Stubben Edge,” said Sebastian Fallert, chief executive officer of Ben. “This partnership will allow us to keep up the momentum and accelerate our mission to make benefits work for everyone, everywhere.”

“We are excited to welcome Ben into the Stubben Edge Network,” said Gemma Jarrett, director of networks at Stubben Edge. “Their innovative approach to Employee Benefits is extremely exciting and we look forward to supporting them in their future endeavours. We look forward to providing them with an extensive range of insurance products for their customers.”