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  • Top Specialist Brokers 2018

    Top Specialist Brokers 2018

    Discover how these leading brokers found success through specialisation

  • Women of Influence 2018

    Women of Influence 2018

    Meet 27 women who are breaking down barriers to become some of the insurance industry’s most influential leaders

  • UK Specialty Brokerages 2017

    UK Specialty Brokerages 2017

    The insurance world is changing, but these brokers are proof that being ‘masters of one’ is the key to keeping up with the UK’s changing marketplace

  • Young Guns 2017

    Young Guns 2017

    These 26 rising stars represent the vanguard of the UK’s insurance industry

  • Leading Specialists 2017

    Leading Specialists 2017

    Unique insights from seven brokers positioned right at the top of their specialist areas

  • Women of Influence 2016

    Women of Influence 2016

    Insurance Business UK shines the spotlight on 30 women who are changing the face of the UK insurance industry

  • Young Guns 2016

    Young Guns 2016

    These 30 young professionals are energising and revitalising the entire UK insurance industry

  • UK Specialty Brokerages 2016

    UK Specialty Brokerages 2016

    In today’s world, specialisation is a must. Meet 102 agencies that have managed to carve out a profitable niche.