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M200 Association celebrates 30 years

M200 Association celebrates 30 years | Insurance Business UK

M200 Association celebrates 30 years

The M200 Association, an association of risk management professionals, is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Formed in May 1991 as a self-governing coalition of risk management practitioners from the insurance industry and large, multinational companies, the association meets twice annually for in-depth professional and educational discussions.

“Much has changed in the last 30 years, and as global and societal risk continue to evolve at an ever-accelerating pace, M200 provides a rare and valuable opportunity for members to come together to reflect on, and delve into, our shared risks and business challenges,” said Anthony Baldwin, CEO of AIG UK and current M200 chairman. “This time we are able to spend together to explore and analyze the issues our organizations all face is invaluable to both risk managers and insurers.”

Thirty-six of the M200 Association’s 50 invitation-only seats are reserved for risk managers, with 14 allocated to insurance and reinsurance executives. The group’s composition prioritizes its role as a roundtable that allows representatives from global insurance carriers and multinational corporate customers to speak candidly and confidentially about critical risk.

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“The kind of interplay of ideas that happens every time the M200 members come together has been enormously valuable to us all,” said Loren Nickel, director of business risk and insurance at Google and current M200 president. “The risk environment is changing and evolving in directions many risk managers would not have anticipated today, let alone 30 years ago when M200 was formed. This association provides opportunities for global companies to gain access to some of the top decision-makers in the insurance and reinsurance industries to share ideas and opinions with great candor and transparency.”

The association’s membership includes risk managers representing Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries and insurance and reinsurance executive members representing some of the global insurance industry’s top companies.

“What is particularly exciting about the M200 Association is the way that it has expanded its portfolio and member engagement in recent times,” said Brenda Lombardo, co-founder of NiKnack Meeting, the M200’s association management company. “Over the last three years, M200 launched a new, interactive website, a mobile app and a new meeting/events live app, all created to enhance member engagement. In celebrating its 30th year, M200 is well-positioned to provide members with a platform to explore the risk issues of the 21st century.”