Business strategy

  • Strategy isn't just for the C-suite

    10 Dec 2018

    A significant portion of my strategy development work is with internal functions, a click or two below corporate and business unit strategy: marketing, human resources, purchasing, and even internal strategy groups

  • Why innovation remains elusive

    7 Dec 2018

    If I think about why innovation is so elusive -- the things that prevent a company from building deep innovation capability, it would come down to a half-dozen critical things that are interrelated

  • The (real) starting point for strategy

    3 Dec 2018

    "If I had the key members of your executive suite all in the same room, would they all be able to articulate the essence of your current strategy clearly and consistently?" I asked the executive vice president of strategy

  • How to give feedback effectively

    8 Nov 2018

    Are your employees too sensitive to negative feedback, or have you just been delivering it poorly? Ayetkin Tank outlines five ways to ensure feedback is well received

  • The power of fear

    26 Oct 2018

    Rather than being a warning of failure, fear can often be a sign of approaching success. The challenge, writes Molly Moseley, is learning to work through it

  • Inspiring ambiverts in the workplace

    23 Oct 2018

    Most of us aren't purely introverted or extroverted - so reaching all employees requires a more nuanced approach, writes Molly Moseley