Executive Insights Report: Insurtech 2021

Executive Insights Report: Insurtech 2021 | Insurance Business America

Executive Insights Report: Insurtech 2021

The insurance industry has been operating with paper-driven manual processes for decades, often creating inefficient workflows and poor customer experiences. For many agencies and carriers, the COVID-19 pandemic amplified inefficient systems in their business, forcing a critical look at the processes and technologies they have in place.

In our rapidly changing landscape, the insurance ecosystem must embrace and catch up to new technology. The latest report from Applied Systems examines all aspects of insurtechs — where they’ve been, where they currently are, and where they’re going.

Download the Insurtech 2021 report and gain insight into:

  • Key developments in the current insurtech space
  • How the mass shift to remote working has impacted the insurtech landscape
  • How insurtechs can help insurers compete through the digital experiences they offer to their customers 
  • Operational priorities that insurers should turn to insurtechs for
  • How brokers can utilize insurtech to their advantage

Learn more on how insurance technology will transform the insurance ecosystem in 2021 and beyond.