State Farm reveals top five states for lightning damage

State Farm reveals top five states for lightning damage | Insurance Business America

State Farm reveals top five states for lightning damage

In a shocking new report, State Farm has revealed the top five US states in 2021 for lightning claims based on claims data handled.

In 2021, State Farm paid $107 million to help almost 9,000 customers repair or rebuild their homes following lightning strikes. When the total cost is broken down per state, the top five states for total claims paid are Texas ($7.7 million), Georgia ($7.3 million), California ($6.8 million), Alabama ($6.6 million), and Louisiana ($5.6 million).

State Farm also used its claims data to rank the top five months for US lightning claims in 2021. It found that September was the month in which the costliest lightning claims were made, at $19.5 million total. It was followed by August ($19 million), October ($13 million), November ($9.8 million), and December ($9.5 million).

Citing findings from the Insurance Information Institute, State Farm said that ground surges account for 50% of lightning-related claims. This means that if lightning ever strikes near a home, it can cause a spike in electricity, shorting out electrical systems and electronics. Shorted-out electronics may not sound like much, but State Farm noted that in 2021, the average cost of a lightning claim was $12,000.

“Look at everything in your home that is plugged into a wall. Now, take into account how much it would cost to replace even half of those items,” said State Farm public affairs specialist Gina Wilken. “Preparation is key for any kind of weather, and lightning is no exception. Have an annual conversation with your agent to ensure your coverage matches your life so that when something happens, you’re covered.”