Law firm investigating Florida children’s insurance scandal

Law firm investigating Florida children’s insurance scandal

Law firm investigating Florida children’s insurance scandal A law firm is investigating claims that an insurer engaged in securities fraud.

The investigation is being undertaken by the Pomerantz Law Firm on behalf of investors in UnitedHealth Group. The law firm is examining the insurer after a report alleged that state health officials in Florida removed thousands of sick children from Children’s Medical Services (CMS) – a part of Florida Medicaid – and placed them on insurance plans owned by companies that together donated millions of dollars to Florida Republican Party committees.

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CMS specializes in children with serious medical issues. These unauthorized switches from Medicaid to private plans allegedly cost children the opportunity to have scheduled surgical procedures because the surgeons didn’t accept their new insurance, CNN reported.

“These are the sickest and most vulnerable kids, and (changing their insurance) can mean life or death for them,” Joan Alker, executive director for Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families, told CNN. “This is really very troubling.”

UnitedHealthcare of Florida, a UnitedHealth subsidiary, was one of the insurers named in the report, according to Pomerantz.

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  • 8/21/2017 8:38:30 AM
    There is another side to this story that isn't being presented. The Obama Care which is covering these children now--as well as other children in our country, should have better choices in companies so they can have the surgeries they need. Where are the democrats? They should be trying to provide better coverage through their program--Obama Care--rather than blaming the Republican Party for their failed system.
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