• Closing the information gap

    21 May 2020

    Using a single credit source to price insurance policies for small businesses creates a significant gap in underwriting data, writes Sharon Maloney

  • The missing piece

    23 Apr 2020

    Companies that invest only in technology and staff training, writes Kirsten Bay, lack a crucial piece of the cybersecurity puzzle: insurance

  • Safeguarding share price

    19 Mar 2020

    Insurance and other risk management strategies are key to protecting a company's share price during a reputational crisis, writes Nir Kossovsky

  • Call to action

    27 Feb 2020

    The insurance industry has an important role to play in helping communities weather increasingly severe wildfires, writes Dr. Alexandra Syphard

  • Evolve or fall short

    30 Jan 2020

    Insurers must adapt to meet a higher standard or suffer the consequences, writes Bill Pieroni

  • Generation work at home

    5 Dec 2019

    In order to survive, the insurance industry needs to court the next generation with the promise of remote work, writes Tony Cañas

  • Keeping it simple

    27 Oct 2019

    Customers long for a simpler insurance-buying process – and those who can deliver it will be rewarded, writes Ryan Collier