• A standout brand

    6 Oct 2019

    Cutting through the noise in a flooded market is key, writes Lindsey Elias, and it starts with your agency’s brand

  • Death of the spreadsheet

    21 Aug 2019

    Keeping up with the latest technology requires surrendering the comfort of established systems, writes Simon Oddy

  • Changing the conversation

    8 Aug 2019

    Speaking the right motivation language as the cannabis industry climbs out of the black market and out onto Main Street, is crucial writes Daniel Garcia

  • Executive experts

    15 Jul 2019

    Risk Strategies’ Iyan Alfredson and John Morahan explain the intricate exposures directors and officers face in an era marked by #MeToo, regulatory risks and other challenges

  • Transparency trumps trespassing

    26 Jun 2019

    In today’s competitive insurance market, true collaboration between sales, underwriting and marketing is critical for survival, writes Arthur B. Seifert

  • Evolution, not revolution

    26 Jun 2019

    Insurtech has been praised for bringing technology to the insurance industry, but the technology has been there all along, writes Frank Sentner