• Hot 100 2018
    Hot 100 2018

    Discover the 100 insurance professionals who are turning up the heat, challenging the status quo and redefining the insurance industry

  • Elite Agencies 2017
    Elite Agencies 2017

    Discover the 45 independent retail insurance agencies that are setting the standard for all others to follow

  • Hall Of Fame 2017
    Hall Of Fame 2017

    IBA’s Hall of Fame brings together 35 of the insurance world’s most recognizable individuals, all of whom have made their mark on the industry

  • Young Guns 2017
    Young Guns 2017

    These 55 rising stars represent the fresh new face of America’s insurance industry

  • Top E & S Wholesale Brokers 2017
    Top E & S Wholesale Brokers 2017

    Working closely with state stamping offices in California, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota and Texas, IBA compiled this list of 20 companies that dominate the nation’s wholesale market from coast to coast.

  • Elite Women in Insurance 2017
    Elite Women in Insurance 2017

    The glass ceiling hasn’t kept these women at bay. Meet 125 leaders and influencers who are shaping a more diverse insurance industry

  • Top Producers 2017
    Top Producers 2017

    Discover the 100 producers who are leading the insurance pack

  • Leading Risk Managers 2017
    Leading Risk Managers 2017

    Protecting major companies from threats of all shapes and sizes, these 71 men and women are at the forefront of managing our nation’s growing risks

  • Top Specialist Brokerages 2017
    Top Specialist Brokerages 2017

    These 60 brokerages have found a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing marketplace

  • Hot 100 2017
    Hot 100 2017

    Meet 100 of the hottest influencers, innovators and game-changers in America’s insurance industry

  • Elite Agencies 2016
    Elite Agencies 2016

    Insurance Business America shines the spotlight on 50 independent agencies that are outperforming the rest in today’s competitive marketplace

  • Top Program Administrators 2016
    Top Program Administrators 2016

    These 28 companies are leading the way for specialty niche products in the insurance industry

  • Top E&S Wholesale Brokers 2016
    Top E&S Wholesale Brokers 2016

    Which firms are at the top of the excess & surplus marketplace?

  • Young Guns 2016
    Young Guns 2016

    These 61 young professionals are energizing and revitalizing the entire insurance industry.

  • Elite Women 2016
    Elite Women 2016

    Insurance Business America shines the spotlight on 144 women who are changing the face of the American insurance industry

  • US Specialty Brokers 2016
    US Specialty Brokers 2016

    In today’s world, specialization is a must. Meet 149 agencies that have managed to carve out a profitable niche

  • Top Producers 2016
    Top Producers 2016

    Insurance Business America names 111 of the insurance industry’s top-performing producers.

  • Hot 100 2016
    Hot 100 2016

    These 100 movers and shakers have led the insurance industry to new heights over the past year.

  • Best of the Best 2015
    Best of the Best 2015

    IBA readers rate the companies that provide outstanding support to the insurance industry.

  • Elite Women 2015
    Elite Women 2015

    IBA’s annual Elite Women report highlights the accomplishments of female professionals who are changing the face of the industry.

  • Elite Agencies
    Elite Agencies

    These 35 top-performing independent agencies provide unique insight into the common denominators that power today’s most innovative, efficient and successful operations.

  • Young Guns 2015
    Young Guns 2015

    Meet the 42 young professionals who are brightening the industry's future

  • Top 10 Producers 2015
    Top 10 Producers 2015

    WELCOME TO Insurance Business America’s inaugural Top 10 Producers special report. After seeking out, receiving and vetting nominations from producers across the country, our research has identified the industry pros worthy of inclusion in the top 10.