CIP announces National Leadership Award honourees

CIP announces National Leadership Award honourees | Insurance Business America

CIP announces National Leadership Award honourees

The Chartered Insurance Professionals’ Society has announced the five national leadership award honourees, shining a light on the industry’s current leaders and upcoming bright stars.

One notable recipient was Ginny Bannerman, vice president of Finance West, Intact Insurance in Calgary, as one of the two Established Leader honourees.

“We are incredibly proud that the CIP Society, since creating this National Leadership program five years ago, has been able to shine a prestigious spotlight on 28 established and emerging leaders in our industry,” says Peter Hohman, president and CEO of the CIP. “The society is pleased to have played a role supporting these industry leaders, who are role models and mentors, energize and inspire others, and enrich their organizations and their communities.

Ginny’s impressive career is marked with multiple successes.

Speaking about her time at the IBAA, one supporter said Bannerman “worked hard at getting committee members to work together, commit to being open minded to change and to focus on the future of the insurance community.”

In 1986, she was named Insurance Woman of the Year in Calgary, and in 2003, was awarded the Jean-Charles d’Auteuil Award for outstanding work on behalf of independent insurance brokers throughout Canada. In 2012, institutional investors presented Intact’s financial analysis team with the award for the Highest Confidence in Reporting amongst Canadian Financial institutions. (continued.)

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