RIMS forms Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council

RIMS forms Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council | Insurance Business America

RIMS forms Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council

Global risk management society RIMS has announced the formation of its Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council.

At its January meeting, RIMS’ board of directors approved the addition of the new council and outlined its scope. The council will be responsible for identifying relevant diversity and inclusion (D&I) goals for the society to pursue, as well as providing guidance on how best to achieve them. Its duties will include examining policies, programs and services related to D&I activities, developing relevant content, interpreting and sharing D&I benchmarking from both inside and outside of the industry, as well as surveying RIMS’ risk professional network to better assess expectations and needs.

“For any diversity and inclusion program to be successful, there has to be a plan with actionable items that’s driven by passionate individuals who share a belief in the value of inclusiveness,” council chair RIMS ex-officio Robert Cartwright Jr. said. “RIMS continues to strengthen its D&I programming and has created greater opportunity for our diverse network to share their experiences.

“Our council’s goal will be to continue this momentum, build a stronger society and present new opportunities to engage our global community,” he added.

In late 2018, the then RIMS Diversity & Inclusion Task Force developed the following vision statement: ‘RIMS strives to provide a highly inclusive environment for all identity groups to thrive in the global risk community, and to facilitate and encourage open dialogue for a more inclusive and resilient future.’

The Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Council is currently accepting applications for volunteers. It is open to all RIMS members.