Carol Wagoner, Gallagher

Carol Wagoner, Gallagher

Area president, benefit and HR consulting division

Carol Wagoner started her career in human resources, seeking a role that involved developing relationships and helping people reach their full potential. Eventually, a door opened at Gallagher where, 30 years later, Wagoner is still helping clients and the larger market realize that insurance is about supporting companies to build a better workplace, not products and services.

“We do that by taking a holistic approach in shaping the employee value proposition, which includes [supporting] not only physical and emotional employee health, but also career and financial well-being,” she says. “When the workforce is thriving, the organization has a far greater chance of reaching its business goals.”

Over the past year, Wagoner has taken on a new role as area president, and she says that regardless of one’s title, it’s necessary to remain your authentic self. “Who you are got you to this place in your career,” she says. “To succeed at the next level, you must lead with your strengths and always be aware of and work to mitigate your weaknesses.”

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