Cyndee Morton, Safety National

Cyndee Morton, Safety National

Executive vice president of operations and chief innovation officer
Safety National

During Cyndee Morton’s 27-year career with Safety National, she has risen from an underwriting support role to become the first female executive in the company’s 75-year history. Striving to inspire current and future female insurance professionals, Morton regularly serves as an advisor and mentor, helping women identify their career paths.

Prior to joining Safety National, Morton worked as a sales representative for an international manufacturing company, and as a business analyst for the federal government. Dedicated to sharing her passion for the insurance industry, she also develops and conducts workshops, has served as a speaker and panelist at various conferences, and has contributed to articles on industry-related topics.

“Looking ahead, I would like to see more initiatives implemented through female leadership in the areas of innovation, technology, data, operational efficiency and project management,” Morton says. “Inspiring through proven efficiencies in our processes and demonstrating a commitment to making a more successful industry is how we break the glass ceiling and define a guided path for our next female leaders.”

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