Jackie Bergeron, AssuredPartners

Jackie Bergeron, AssuredPartners

Operations manager

When she started as an accounting clerk assistant with an independent insurance agency in the mid-1980s, Jackie Bergeron says insurance was just a job. But the more she learned, the more curious she became about the other aspects of the industry, leading her to apply for new positions as they became available.

“Inexperience worked in my favor, as many times these were lateral moves,” she says. “However, the real payoff was the opportunity to learn the many different roles within an insurance agency. Once I became aware of the educational opportunities in the industry, it was game on.”

Bergeron credits her success to mentors who challenged her and encouraged her personal development. “Insurance as a career is certainly rewarding and provides me with the opportunity to mentor future insurance professionals and make a useful difference in the lives of others,” she says. “Looking ahead, I am hoping to see an influx of new and diverse talent in the industry. We need to actively recruit while making sure candidates are informed of the various career paths, opportunities and benefits available.”

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