Kristin Daur, PERse

Kristin Daur, PERse

Senior underwriter

With 10 years of experience insuring renewable energy projects, Kristin Daur is a senior underwriter and an integral member of PERse, the renewable energy-focused MGU within RSG Underwriting Managers. When PERse was formed in 2011, Daur was one of its founding team members and a driving force in shaping the company. Today, PERse leads the US renewable space with more than $85 million in annual premium.

Given the changing and evolving nature of the renewable energy market, Daur has consistently been on the forefront of product innovation and has found creative ways to enhance offerings for her clients and brokers. “Growing up with both parents as schoolteachers, I was early endowed with a strong work ethic,” she says. “Once I entered the business world, I watched the entrepreneurial spirit of my mentors. Being involved from the beginning with the startup of our company, I embraced the big time commitment to do things right – successfully, but right.”

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