Headquarters: Pennsburg, PA
Years in business: 60
Leadership: John Kauffman, Agency Principal

Family-owned Lechner & Stauffer has succeeded by going against the trend and remaining a generalist agency since its creation in 1956. As a generalist agency, Lechner & Stauffer is able to entertain many markets and accept new clients regardless of their business type. The agency is passionate about education: “Everyone is on their way to educational degrees, including CISRs and CICs,” says vice president Dave Kauffman. “We are big on education, and as a result, it makes us attractive to both our clients and carriers.” As Lechner & Stauffer continues to grow with the addition of college graduates to the team, the agency is able to hone in on the books and knowledge of its growing staff by expanding to new markets while also building on existing ones.

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  • Lechner & Stauffer
  • Pennsburg, PA

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