Clearwater, FL

Approaching its 70th anniversary, Bouchard Insurance remains one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Florida, with nearly 60% of its business derived from commercial property & casualty. At Bouchard, the emphasis has been on creating an organization-wide ‘client first’ approach for the various specialized industries the company serves, including agribusiness, community associations, construction, education and more.

“Our recent growth has been a result of growth in both location and talent,” says chief financial officer Matt Elsay. “As part of our strategic plan, Bouchard opened our sixth office location in Tampa, Florida, to better serve the Tampa Bay area. Broadening our reach within the current markets we serve will allow us to grow organically. Further, we are dedicated to the training and education of the next generation of insurance professionals to continue to be an agency our partners look to as experts.”

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  • Bouchard Insurance
  • 101 N Starcrest Drive Clearwater, FL 33765

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