Denver, CO

For companies looking for focused expertise in their line of business, JLT Specialty USA offers specialization in key industries and key products across all sectors. As the US platform of London-based JLT Group, JLT Specialty USA assists clients in finding solutions for complex risk areas. JLT Specialty USA has grown to a team of more than 320 specialists across 17 offices.

Boasting industry specializations in aerospace, construction, energy, power, mining, entertainment, hospitality, financial institutions, marine, real estate and technology, JLT Specialty USA believes “there is a better way to serve clients. We are specialists, not generalists,” says CEO Michael D. Rice. “We understand the strategic, operational, human and financial aspects of risk, and we tailor solutions from the capital markets driven by facts, data and analytics. We believe that just because something’s been done a certain way in the past doesn’t mean that’s the right way to do it moving forward. We actively encourage our people to challenge the status quo, looking at a complex problem in entirely new ways.”

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  • JLT Specialty USA
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