New York, NY

Led by chairman and CEO Doug Hammond, NFP has over 3,400 employees across more than 150 sales offices around the US. In early 2017, Hammond led a recapitalization of NFP with HPS Investment Partners, which valued NFP at more than $3 billion.

Active in taking care of the communities in which its employees live and work, NFP has made a conscious decision to serve these communities. Whether through charity drives or other company-sponsored events, the team at NFP donates time and raises funds on behalf of causes around the country.

“NFP’s employees are the bedrock of our company,” Hammond says. “People desire openness, honest communication and genuineness – the values that underpin NFP’s culture. We understand that each of our employees brings a unique and valuable perspective, and we strive to ensure that each of them understands their relevance to the organization and personal measurement of performance. We understand that vulnerability, humility and kindness are the keys to successful human relationships. Why should it be any different in business?”

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