Kristen Handel, Vice president, Alliant Insurance Services

Kristen Handel, Vice president, Alliant Insurance Services

Vice president
Alliant Insurance Services

The creator and steward of Alliant’s pest management insurance program, Kristen Handel started one of the pest control industry’s largest and most robust insurance and risk management programs from the ground up. She grew the program to eclipse $1 million in premium in its first year of operation on the momentum of its broad coverage and ability to offer clients specialized assistance on workers’ compensation and auto claims, two of the industry’s most difficult exposures in terms of cost and frequency.

Experience and a commitment to professional development have made Handel an expert in managing upper-middle-market risks. For Handel, doing the best for her clients means acting as a trusted advisor to protect their assets. A dedicated team player and active mentor, she is known for her willingness to step into a difficult situation and manage it with professionalism and technical skill.

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  • Alliant Insurance Services Inc.
  • 1301 Dove Street Suite 200 Newport Beach, CA 92660

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