Sandra Gluck, President, Gard (North America)

Sandra Gluck, President, Gard (North America)

Gard (North America)

Born and raised in Canada, Sandra Gluck moved stateside in 1979 to practice maritime law at Walker & Corsa in New York. Although primarily involved in maritime litigation, she was also involved in ship financing and sale transactions. In 2000, after eight years spent living in Budapest, Gluck joined Trimar Defense Services, now Gard (North America), and was involved in the handling of both FD&D and P&I claims.

Five years later, she was appointed president, responsible for handling claims, overseeing the day-to-day operation of the office, organizing seminars and training sessions, and interfacing with regulatory authorities. She has also served as vice chair of the arbitration and ADR committee of the US Maritime Law Association and on the board of directors of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce.

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  • Gard (North America) Inc.
  • 40 Fulton Street New York NY 10038

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