Carey Wallace, IntellAgents Inc/Ohio Insurance Agents Association Inc

Carey Wallace, IntellAgents Inc/Ohio Insurance Agents Association Inc

CEO, IntellAgents

COO and CFO, Ohio Insurance Agents Association

Carey is a strong financial leader that has worked in the insurance industry for the past ten years and with small businesses for over 20 years. She has served as the CFO and COO for Ohio Insurance Agents Association working to ensure the organization is well positioned to help Independent Agents grow. Carey has led the effort to develop key business consulting services to ensure that agencies have the information and support needed to successfully perpetuate their agencies to the next generation. These services are now available in eight states across the country.

Additionally, Carey serves as the CEO of IntellAgents, a newly formed nationwide organization that she helped create. IntellAgents has created the fastest growing warehouse of Independent Agent data representing over 20,000 agencies across the country by the end of 2019. The organization is focused on leveraging this data to help Independent Agents make informed business decisions, grow their agencies and compete in the changing insurance marketplace. Carey believes that leveraging data and technology is critical to the success of independent insurance agencies and is dedicated to bringing them the insights and resources they need to succeed.


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