Ellen Cousins, Athenium Analytics

Ellen Cousins, Athenium Analytics

Chief science officer

Athenium Analytics

Following her postdoctoral fellowship at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, where she researched the application of data mining and machine learning techniques to extract information from in-situ and remotely sensed geospatial observations, Dr. Ellen Cousins joined the Athenium Analytics (then Weather Analytics) team in 2014

When Weather Analytics acquired Athenium Inc. in 2018, Cousins co-founded Athenium Analytics, where she serves as chief science officer. In her role, Cousins leads a team of more than 30 meteorologists, data scientists and machine-learning specialists, and she has been the driving force behind the company’s innovative predictive and analytical capabilities and continues to innovate new products that will shape the P&C insurance industry.

Cousins has a Ph.D. in engineering sciences from Dartmouth College, where her primary concentrations were in space physics and electrical engineering/instrumentation. While at Dartmouth, she was awarded a NASA Space Grant Graduate Research Award for research in her field.

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